Home Buying

Are you a first-time homebuyer or perhaps you’re an experienced real estate investor tired of dealing with sales-pitchy agents who don’t seem to listen? Do you have hours to search for property?

Looking for real estate on the internet is fun for the first few days until you want more information… then who do you contact? Do you call the agent on the listing, hoping that the agent will give you the inside scoop about the seller? Perhaps you think you’ll save more money by contacting the listing agent? These are common myths. In today’s buyer’s market, you need a buyer’s agent to represent YOUR best interest – not the seller’s best interests. You want the lowest price for the best property you can find. A buyer’s agent can help you negotiate for the best price possible. Having a third party negotiate helps buy you time to think and weigh the situation in a stress free environment. If you negotiate yourself, you may end up in a situation where you feel pressured to give an immediate response when you’d rather have more time to think things over.

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