Is there a special trick to finding your dream home? No. I’m sorry. But there are things you can do to help narrow down your search. Essentially, to help you hone in on what you’re really wanting in a home… and what you’re not wanting in a home! You should have three parts: Must Haves, Wants and Must Not Haves. This will help when you meet with me for the first time and when you’re looking online. By deciding what is most important to you, you will save a lot of time. But you have to keep an open mind! Someone once compared house hunting to clothes shopping… you might think it won’t fit, but you’ll never know until you get into the dressing room and try it on. If you really think a home might be “the one” you need to see it. Call me for sure at this time.

Another important part of home buying is knowing what your budget is before you start looking. All realtors will tell you that you really need to meet with a qualified lender before looking at houses. There’s really nothing worse than going house hunting and finding that perfect house then finding out it is out of your price range. The lender you choose will give you a pre-approval letter to show you what you’re qualified up to. Then you’re ready to go house hunting! Be sure to communicate openly with your Realtor about your minimum and maximum price range so you are not being shown homes you can’t afford. Plus, keep an open mind when looking at homes. If you’re dreaming of a house with beautiful granite countertops and gorgeous Cherry hardwood floors, but find instead, the perfect layout in a home… except it has avocado-green laminate countertops and orange shag rugs… calculate the cost of remodeling. You probably will save a bundle and end up with the exact colors you wanted.

Be ready to write an offer! That perfect home won’t be on the market as long as you might think. Many buyers will tell me that they want to “think about it over the weekend” or sometimes even longer then end up losing out on the home that took them months to find. This makes their search even longer and they end up feeling like they are settling for a home that was their second or third choice.